With 7.11, Ucommerce ships with a ton of important changes. In this post we will look and some of them.

Bye bye, Sitecore 7 and older

For me, as a Sitecore developer, the dropped support for every version below 8.0 is pretty interesting. The new look-and-feel, that was introduced in 7.0, fits pretty good in the Sitecore 8.0 UI. And with Sitecore 9.0 out, it's a justifiable step to do.

Hello Kentico 11

Ucommerce started their support for Kentico support in version 7.9. With 7.11 they now support Kentico 11, the newest version of the Kentico platform. Personally, I haven't tried Kentico, yet. But as there is a free version of the CMS part, I definitely will.

We like to move it, move it

Ucommerce moved a lot of classes to different DLLs. That's pretty important, as that might break your current implementations. Check out the Release Notes for detailed information.

Bye bye, Service Stack. Hello Web API 2.

When it comes to web services, Ucommerce used Service Stack for a long time now. Now, with Ucommerce 7.11 all the web services are moved to Web API 2. I like this move. Web API is fast and easy to learn.

With Web API 2 as part of the platform, it is easy to create your own web services based on Web API.

Related to the section above: All the models, that are related to the web services, were moved from UCommerce.Web.Api to the newly introduced UCommerce.SystemHttp assembly. This assembly contains all the web services, attributes and all the other related stuff.

Pipelines, pipelines, pipelines...

There are several good concepts in Sitecore. But the fact, that almost every process consists of one or more pipelines, which can be easily extended or changed, is one of my favorites. I absolutely love this concept. Luckily, Ucommerce is introducing the same concept in more and more sections of the platform. With the current release 9 new pipelines for deleting entities are introduced. The concrete pipelines are:

  • Delete product relation type
  • Delete country
  • Delete currency
  • Delete price group
  • Delete order number serie
  • Delete payment method
  • Delete shipping method
  • Delete email profile
  • Delete email type

What are you looking for?

Now Ucommerce provides a service for search term suggestions called ISuggestOtherSearchTerms. When I read this, I was pretty excited. So I created a blank Sitecore instance and installed Ucommerce 7.11. I created a couple of products and wanted to try the suggestions service. Sadly, I could not make it work. When I call GetSuggestions(..), an error with the following message is thrown.

Could not find specified index 'ProductsFullTextByNameSearch'

I created a questions on eureka.ucommerce.net to check if somebody can help me.  You can find the question under this link: https://eureka.ucommerce.net/#!/question/2393/Error-when-using-ISuggestOtherSearchTerms

So all in all...

... this is a pretty big update. It contains a lot of breaking changes (especially the moved classes) and also a lot of cool new things, like the new delete pipelines and the service for search term suggestions. There are a lot more changes, than I covered in this post. Check the release notes for more information.

You should go and check Ucommerce 7.11 out under https://ucommerce.net/.