Best Ways To Protect Your Smartphone

Most of us couldn’t live without our smartphones, however, they’re often incredible fragile, and can be easily dropped, smashed, or broken by accident. Along with that, many models are prone to developing hardware faults and bugs which may need repairing in order for the phone to work. If you’ve just purchased a shiny new smartphone and are wondering how to best protect it from both internal and external damage, here are some ideas.

Extra Protection

Investing a case and a screen protector for your smartphone is essential, as it can help prevent any nasty cracks, smashes or scratches in the event of you dropping your phone. There’s a wide variety of cases on the market from hard cases to soft rubber ones, as well as flip cases that cover the screen as well. They can also be purchased quite cheaply online, meaning that you won’t have to break the bank to protect the exterior of your phone. Screen protectors also help to protect the screen from any scratches, and if you really want to bump up the protection level, you can buy tempered glass screen protectors that will help to prevent the screen from cracking if you drop the smartphone. 

Get Insured

Although your new smartphone may be protected for a while under the manufacturer’s warranty, this will usually only cover you for internal and software problems when reported to their IT support services, and not accidental damage. To be extra safe, it’s a good idea to take out some insurance cover for your phone, which is usually quite cheap and is offered by most good mobile phone providers and shops. You may also be able to get insurance through your contents insurance policy, your bank, or a private insurance company. Most policies will cover your phone for any kind of damage, loss, or theft and will offer a replacement phone or a repair service, depending on the severity of the damage. You’ll probably also need to pay an excess, so it’s good to look into different policies before you choose. Visit this link if you are looking for the best IT support services.

Track your Phone

Apps such as the ‘Find my iPhone’ app and similar are an excellent way of securing your iPhone against theft or being able to find your phone if you have lost it. If you’ve got access to a tracking app on your smartphone, you should set it up so that in the event of a theft or loss, it’ll be easier to trace your phone and get it back.